Training Videos for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Livingston County Michigan Works

Michigan Works! Livingston Service Center offers a full range of employment related services to help employers find skilled workers and to help jobseekers find satisfying careers. The Center, located in Howell, is part of the statewide Michigan Works! system of one-stop service centers. All programs are designed to meet your needs. Oversight is provided by the Workforce Development Council.

Career Alliance, Inc.

Career Alliance, Inc. is the administrative entity for federal, state and private grants that fund a variety of workforce development programs such as, Year-round Summer Youth Employment and Training Programs, State Education Coordination Grants, Adult and Older Workers Program, Training Programs and Readjustment Services for the Dislocated Workers, Corrections Programs, Displaced Homemakers, School-To-Work, Work First, Welfare to Work and Career Preparation.  As part of the Michigan Works! Systems, Career Alliance, Inc. provides services to the universal population.  Employers, students, persons with disabilities, veterans, welfare recipients, underemployed and unemployed individuals have equal access to services.  These services are available free of charge to all that seek them.

The Ann Arbor CIL is more than you might think.  Every day, we impact the lives of individuals with disabilities living in our community.  We help them to achieve fuller, more successful, and more meaningful lives, and they foster a true place of community and belonging.

We are a growing and dynamic community enrichment, learning, and advocacy center.  Through individualized counseling, advocacy efforts, skill-building classes, recreation and arts programming, and more, we help individuals with disabilities to build their skills, advocate for what they need, find friends, and feel at home.

We are proud of the many ways we bring meaning to our community and improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.  Each year, we impact the lives of over 4,000 people throughout Southeast Michigan, including people with disabilities, their families and friends, and members of the business community.

DEBS is a nationwide Employer Network provider for Social Security Administration. We specialize in services to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing job seekers. Collaborations and partnerships are the critical components in our success. Through such collaborations, we are able to provide innovative and seamless resources for employment seekers which result in becoming the highest quality pool of candidates for employers to hire from.

The organization has been an active partner with employers, staffing, agencies, public offices, and social service agencies in promoting access on behalf of its constituents. DEBS became the recognized community resource center for employment related services and information about deafness. Primary among these is the capacity to use internet based resources to support communication in the form of On-Demand Interpreting Online provided through our partner - Communication Services of the Deaf.


D-PAN was originally established in 2007 in Ferndale, Michigan as the Deaf Performing Artists Network. D-PAN was founded with the goal of creating top-quality ASL-centric music videos, making music and music culture more accessible than ever to millions of individuals worldwide who had traditionally been excluded from participation. With the help of talented deaf and hard of hearing performers and technicians along with the countless individuals who have offered their encouragement and support, we showed that it could be done. We remain committed to developing and supporting the best in ASL-centric video entertainment – but we recognized that we could use our strengths, experience and network of alliances to make an even greater difference for our constituents.

See some of D-PAN innovative music videos here, here and here.

Since 1990, Communication Works of the Deaf, Inc. (CWD) has been providing improved communications for Deaf, hard of hearing, and all other people who benefit from captioning. Founded by Gregory Frohriep who has been Deaf since childhood, CWD remains fundamentally focused on helping address the communications needs of American's 28 million Deaf and hard of hearing citizens.

CWD provides closed captioning, realtime captioning, and open captioning for television newscasts, live events, pre-recorded tapes and webcasts.

CWD is nationally certified by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and Captioned Media Program (CMP).  CWD has enjoyed a wide array of clients including FOX 2 Detroit, NBC 4 Detroit, the U.S. Government, and public and private corporations. Contact CWD - captworks@gmail.com

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William Sleight, Carol Piesko, Jim Magyar, Lisa Mangigin, Tracy Romanow, Rebecca Mitchell, Laura Rodriguez, Joel Martin, and Gary Heitman